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Enviromental Graphic design
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Project Details

Client: (art institute)

Date: march, 2016

Online: www.Tyegraphicdesign.com

The Cheekwood site is very expansive and covered at one point over 100 acres of property and today its on 55 acres and the Museum is 30,000 square feet. The site is Roughly divided into two parts, The mason interior, and the Exterior gardens.
In my multiple visits to the grounds during my time in Nashville I noticed the the directional signs were very lacking. Just asking for a re-design.

1. Problem

Project for enviromental design at The Art Institute. When asked about a place that had a lacking signage package cheekwood came right to mind.

2. Design

For this design the primary consideration was not just to get people where they want to be, but do it beautifully, not hurting the pristine atmosphere around them.

3. Result

The resulting signs created keep in flow with the sculpturesque nature of the site, using neutral colors and natural textures.

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