Mc Phattys international BBQ

Resteraunt Campaign
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Project Details

Client: (art institute)

Date: march, 2016

Online: www.Tyegraphicdesign.com

McPhattys international barbeque (client statement)
Here at Mcphatys we want to be known for the best BBQ in the world. Our BBQ is smoked with some of the finest flavored woods around.

1. Problem

Paired with another student of a different degree path, together a project needed to be made.

2. Design

I was paired with a culinary student so we decided to do some mandatories for a resteraunt he wanted to open up

3. Result

We ended up creating the bare bones of what you need designed for a resteraunt. A menu, website, buisiness cards, and table drink special flier.

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